The meaning of logistics services ?

The meaning of logistics services Logistics services or what is known in Arabic as the art of logistics, which is the science and management of the flow of various resources such as goods, energy, information, and various human services from the production area to the consumption area, as it is difficult to carry out any global trade, whether import or export, Or a process of transporting goods and various resources without professional logistical support. Logistics services include several axes, including: transportation, inventory, warehousing, physical processing, packaging or boxing.

Logistics Goals

  • Improving the material flow from the source to the estuary.
  • Introduce the purchasing and production programs in a country.
  • Organizing after-sales services and distributing various spare parts.
  • Advise officials to enable them to make the most of business operations.
  • Optimizing the investment.
  • Help organizations to master the complexity and various problems.
  • Creating an atmosphere of competition by providing better logistic services.

Types of logistics :

1- Administrative Logistics: This type is considered complementary to the well-known logistics services of transporting and supplying various materials, and is based on planning, implementation, auditing, and controlling the storage of different goods in a flexible manner. 2- 2- Third-party logistics : where the first party in this type of logistics receives goods for a particular company, arranges, stores, preserves, transports, and distributes it, and then the second party, or known as (a service developer) provides additional advanced services to customers, such as: search, follow-up and packaging As for the third party, it is the one who undertakes the logistics activities of the company but does not develop them, and the fourth party is the one who undertakes the development of the logistics activities in force in the company.

3- Business Logistics: It is the logistics services provided in a specific field of work, such as: airlines.

4- Production logistics: It is the services related to the production line such as transporting goods, supplying them, and distributing them.

5- Emergency Logistics: These are the services that are provided in the event of transportation of goods or products in emergency situations.