Training Consulting

Providing various types of training advice related to individuals as investors or existing and troubled companies, whether at the level of the staff team or through the administrative work team.

The advisory plan for individual investors

  • Studying the strengths and weaknesses of the idea.
  • Translating the project idea.
  • Develop a robust strategy or action plan.
  • Providing a professional work team.
  • Training the investor on the principles of successful business leadership.

The advisory plan for troubled companies

  •  A study of the company and its various divisions.
  • Identification of weaknesses and errors committed and their correction.
  • Identifying strengths and working on them to develop them.
  • Restructuring in terms of vision and goal.
  • Training the existing work team and providing it with the necessary knowledge for the success of all company departments.

Valid Companies

Avoid typical companies in the business of the most important features of continuity and sparkle to this entity group will offer courses include the latest technologies and strategies available in the field of business management and others are available to raise professional various sections of your business.