Financial Consultant

Integrated consulting services Consulting in the world of financial markets.
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Private individual counseling

In order for you to make an investment decision, it is important to have a trusted investment advisor who has the ability to grow and develop your investments. This is why we at Kayan community develop the “consulting process”, to make sure that all your needs are taken into account.


Corporate Consulting

Corporate or institutional wealth management requires the highest levels of performance within the framework of continuous control of risk, to obtain the best results. To ensure the achievement of the desired goals, the Kayan community provides the highest levels of support through a structured investment approach.
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Risk management advice

Choosing the most appropriate expert to provide the right guidance and manage financial risks on your behalf. The Cayan community provides investment solutions tailored to meet the investment needs of institutional clients and high net worth individuals. It also provides a special investment risk management service, which is designed according to an assessment of the different risks associated with each individual client.


We have the ability to transform creative ideas in business into a practical realityConsultation for the best trading and investment opportunities in stock exchanges.

Prepare a plan for your investment personality

We help you to build a strategic plan in accordance with the standards of investors in the financial markets and global stock exchanges.

Nomination for choosing a trading company

We help traders and investors to choose the best trading companies to suit their needs.

Develop and review trading strategies

We give you the right to stand out and be unique in market strategies through the most important experiences that experts provide us with.